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Duracoat Firearm Finish

Custom Part(s)                 Please contact us of Price.

Trigger Job                      100.00

Cut and Crown Barrel     100.00


Please call/email for a price quote on Custom Engraving.


Please call/email for a price quote on Custom Grips.


Please call/email for a price quote on the part(s) you would like Powder Coated.


Hand Gun           One color - 175.00          Two colors - 225.00           Three colors - 275.00

Long Gun            One color - 225.00          Two colors - 275.00           Three colors - 325.00

Custom design Please call/email


Hand Gun           One color - 150.00          Two colors - 200.00           Three colors - 250.00

Long Gun            One color - 200.00          Two colors - 250.00           Three colors - 300.00

Custom design Please call/email

Since each project is always a little bit different, please contact us for a quote on your project.

The prices below are just an estimate.  We take pride in working with our customers to see that they get the best possible coating for their firearm at a fair price.